Paolo Magrassi


Professional CV: A physicist specialized in software and digital technologies, since 30+ years Paolo Magrassi is working at the threshold between research and business applications. His work on the internet of things, augmented reality, open content, tech investment evaluation, and complex information technology architectures has inspired some major endeavours, such as the Virtual Australia programme or the Pontifex pan-European project. Today his professional interests are focused on collective intelligence and intellectual capital. (More–>)

Curriculum professionale: Fisico ed esperto di tecnologia digitale, Paolo Magrassi si occupa da sempre del collegamento tra la ricerca e le possibili applicazioni produttive. I suoi lavori in campi come l’internet delle cose, la realtà aumentata, open content/open source, la valutazione degli investimenti tecnologici, e i sistemi informativi complessi hanno ispirato iniziative come il progetto Virtual Australia e il programma Pontifex per lo scheduling delle flotte aeree europee. Oggi si occupa di applicazioni produttive dell’intelligenza collettiva e del capitale intellettuale. (Avanti->)

Motto of the month

I believe that a scientist looking at nonscientific problems is just as dumb as the next guy [Richard Feynman]

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